handmade from recycled copper
The Phlute was borne out of a desire to own a Native American flute
when I lived in Santa Fe New Mexico in the early nineties. While
looking at flutes in a shop in Albuquerque, the owner approached me
to help me find my flute. (This next part, I have to admit, sounds like
something out of book or movie, but it actually happened...)
He watched me look at and try several flutes until he finally said, "Your
flute is not here. You will find it someday....but not today."
(I told you it sounded weird!)  
He was right. A few years later while working as a plumber I saw some
small pieces of CPVC pipe on the ground that looked to be about the
same size as a flute. After more than a little trial and a LOT of error, I
finally made my first PHLUTE.
The process evolved from plastic to copper. All of the copper pipe I
use is left over from job sites or demolition work.
Instead of filling landfills, the Phlutes now help fill the world with music.

I make two basic phlutes:

Since the Phlutes are currently being made to order, contact me for
available keys, engraving options and pricing at;
  • Pennywhistle style
  • Native American Style