The set:
A simple backdrop of cloth or rigid flats upstage painted to give the impression of a barn.
Hay bales or cubes can be placed upstage left and right with a few scattered downstage
to give levels and depth to the playing area.
The props:
A small swaddled “baby”and a blanket for Mary to cover the donkey.
The costumes:
Plain jeans and tee-shirts. Each animal character wears a simple sign either hanging
from the neck on a lanyard or attached with velcro onto the front of their shirts that read,
“Sheep, Baby Chick, Donkey, etc…
The Cast:
All parts, with the exception of Mary, can be played by either boys or girls.
(The camel is another part that could be played by an adult.)With this in mind, numbers
have been used in place of most character/cast names.

Only The Lamb

The animals from the barn enter SL from their evening grazing
3 too.
We need a change!
         We graze in the morning…
We graze in the evening…
And sleep in the barn…
All night long!

SONG: Another Day
(part 1) Another day, another bale of hay. Another day and nothin’ to do!
The world outside is an exciting place. Here in the barn there’s nothing’ to do!

(part 2) Life in a barn in Bethlehem; nothing exciting happens ‘round here

(part 3) Graze in the morning’
and graze in the evening’
and sleep in the barn
then we graze again!

(The camel, who has been
quietly observing, crosses to the donkey whom
the lambs have formed a protective ring around.)
You guys run along. I’ll keep him company for a while.
Those lambs are real nice animals. Probably the nicest ones in the barn.
It’s kind of sad, though.
In what way?
They’re sacrificial lambs.
What do you mean?
It’s kind of hard to explain…

Song; Only the Lamb

(A) Poor little lamb taken to the temple. Poor little lamb, for the sins of man.
Pure spotless lamb for mans forgiveness. Only the pure, only the lamb.
(B) One day the Lord has said he’ll send us
the lamb of God for all man.
But ‘till that day it’s their duty
to lay down their lives for man
again and again.

(FX baby cry/coo offstage)

Oh great! The donkey not only brought people with him…    
one of them just had a baby!
(Retreating SR)

Song; All we wanted was a Change
Goats and others
We know we said, what we wanted was a change,
but this is not exactly what we had in mind.
We thought some paint, a couple of rugs maybe.
But this donkey has brought us a baby ...
The following are excerpts from
the script
Only The Lamb