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gary l strickland
These first four songs are from a series of live recordings
from my  band in Atlanta,
"Jungle Jim And The Swingsets".
As each band member has moved on to different cities and
different lives, the only thing left are a few recordings
and a lot of great memories!
Ya Ya's Cajun Cuisine was the restaurant  where we had the house band gig
for a while.
Rick Thomas played bass and doubled on tuba,
Evan Frayer played guitar, squeezebox, washboard and sang,
Bob Rice played drums and Mike Kirk played guitar.
It was great. I could walk the two blocks from my house to the restaurant for my
Friday and Saturday night gigs. I remember being able to run home at the
stroke of midnight on New Years to kiss Lynne and the girls,
then run back and play out the evening!
I wrote the above song,
Ya Ya Boogie,  while we were playing there.
This is Evan Frayer singing
All I Can Give You Is Me.
I'm playing slide trumpet and piano
Evan again with Don't  Mess With My Toot Toot
I'd be the one playing the horn!
In case you're wondering, the indicipherable
lyric in this recording of
Ain't She Sweet?
be "Pretty baby, ain't that perfection"
Tears Fall From Heaven was written
a little while after 9/11. I was working on a
construction site at Tybee Island when the
planes hit. I remember two things; the feeling
of anger from all the guys on the job site, and
the rain that came later in the day that fell on
my face washing away the tears.
Check back often for more songs....
Heaven On My Mind
The following three songs were written for  
church summer camp over the past three
years. Each song was written to reflect the
theme of the camp for that year.

Jesus My Hero
Only By The Blood
Fruit Of The spirit