This is one of many songs
written for my church's
Summer camp we do for
kids every year. I write a
different song every year
to go along with the theme
for camp that year.
Jesus My Hero
Another camp song. This is
actually my first attempt at
doing a video. A borrowed
camcorder, a $40.00  
editing program and
"Viola".... a music video!

Only By The Blood
"Extreme Makeover, Inside Edition"
was the camp theme for this one.

Who Could Love Me Like That?
Written late one Saturday night
because I felt I needed one more song
for the next morning's service.

African Rain
I wrote this while on my mission
trip in Africa. I recorded it on my
little Flip video camera in my
room the day after I finished it.
This is all raw video from the trip.

The guy you see starting at 1:03 in
the video was doing a video
greeting to my family. He's the
one I gave the guitar I was
playing in the video to.

Jose` , The Christmas
....and now for something
completely different....
I started singing this one night
while we were driving around
looking at Christmas lights.  I
managed to remember enough of
it the next day to write it down,
record it and share it with the
Move over Rudolph and Frosty,
here comes Jose` !

First interview on WJCL,
Savannah's ABC affiliate station
after Haiti Mission trip in March 2010