Getting Ready For Haiti
February 2, 2010
Haiti Mission trip. Where do I begin?  A few Sundays ago Dr. Kennedy Okere made the announcement at church that he was
getting together a team to go to Haiti to help the earthquake victims. As soon as he said he was going I felt The Lord say to me,
“You’re going too.”
Since that Sunday a lot of “interesting” things have been happening.
On Monday, Feb 2, I was at work trying desperately to take a lunch break. It was after three and I leave work at five so I was
getting  a bit cranky from not having eaten since 7:00 a.m.  As I left my office I kept feeling that I should go back and get my
jacket. “I don’t need my jacket.” I thought. “It’s not that cold out now.” The farther I walked towards the parking lot (and
another job related stop before I could go to lunch anyway) the more I felt that still soft voice saying, “Go back and get your
jacket.” This went on for a bit until I finally had had enough. “Fine!” I said. “I’ll go back and get my stupid jacket.”
That's when I turned around and walked
alllll the way back to my office, got my jacket, walked to the front of the campus,
took care of one more work issue and then walked to my truck.
As I got to the truck and was beginning to sit down, James Creech, a co-worker called me on the radio and said a vendor (who
sells items to the bookstore and has become a friend of mine over the years) wanted to see me. I told James I would meet John
(the vendor) near the front lobby.
I put my jacket back on and walked back into the school.
John and I talked for a minute or two, catching up on each other's lives. When I told him about the upcoming trip he asked me
to walk him out to his truck.
Once at his truck, he wrote me a check to help pay my travel expenses to Haiti. Now, here's the really cool part....
Remember the part about going back to get my jacket?
When I was walking back towards the building my office is in, John glanced up and saw me. That's when he decided to try to
catch up with me when he got finished with a cell phone conversation he was having.
If I hadn't finally gone back to get my jacket he wouldn't have seen me, wouldn't have thought of me, wouldn't have written a
I stopped believing in coincidences long ago.
God is speaking to so many people to get everything in place for this trip.
I'm just glad to be a part of it!
February 4, 2010
It's 11:22 and I'm trying to get something on this page in case anyone reads it tomorrow!
I have a lot to say about how God's working in/thru me right now. Hopefully I'll have the time tomorrow to sit and go into more
detail and to give an update on preparations for the trip.

February 5, 2010
5:46 a.m. I'm up, showered, dressed and ready to go. Yesterday while on the road for work, I saw a sign advertizing "Andy
Quinney, Insurance Agent Extraordinaire!". Andy is a friend of mine from years ago who, more recently, I've done Kairos prison
ministry with (He's also an excellent trumpet player). I hadn't thought of Andy in a while so I thought I'd give him a call. Got his
voice mail, left a message.
"I have a men's group that meets Friday motning at 6:30 in Garden City" he said during his call back conversation
"We have between 70-90 men show up. Could you come meet with us tomorrow and talk to us a little about the trip? We might
be able to help you."
No coincidences.

Last night after supper, Ellie (my youngest at 6years old) asked me to close my eyes and plug my ears. She had been gone from
the table for a few minutes so I knew something was up. Though my ears were plugged and I was humming softly to further help
block out sound, I could hear her dropping what I thought were M&Ms or some other hard candy on the table in front of me. Just
like her, I thought, to want to surprise her dad with candy or something.
"Now, open your eyes." she said.
I opened my eyes to see a large handfull of mostly pennies, a few nickles and dimes and one or two quarters on the table in front
of me.
"It's for your mission trip."
There's a story in the bible about a lady who's made fun of for only giving a few cents at the temple while the rich folks gave a
whole lot more.
Jesus pointed out to everyone, She gave all she had to give while the others only gave what they thought they could afford.
Who did the right thing? Who did the
best thing?
I'll tell you....little Eleanor Grace Strickland.
Father God, thank You for children with a heart pointed towards You and Your purposes on this earth. Help me to be a good
steward of all You've entrusted me with. Help me to love You more, because You loved me first and best. Be with me and my
family this day.
Sunday February 21, 2010
We leave in a week.
A chartered bus company is getting us to and from Ft Lauderdale at cost which still comes to $2200.00.
We'll leave Saturday the 27th at midnight and get to the Ft Lauderdale airport in plenty of time for our 2:25 p.m.
flight to Haiti on American Airlines.
I'll be carrying a video camera from the local ABC affiliate to get as much raw footage as I can for the news as
well as for a video for Horizon International Medical Missions.
Saturday February 27, 2010
Sorry for being so slack with keeping this up-to-date. Between work, getting ready for the trip and family things
I've been pretty slammed!
I'm getting ready to go to Moe's with Lynne and the girls. We meet at Kennedy's house at 11:30 tonight to board
the bus that will take us to Ft Lauderdale for our American Airlines flight tomorrow afternoon.
Everything's packed. I'm ready to go.
Please pray for my family while I'm gone.
Lord, grant us safe travel and safety while on the ground in Haiti. Send your angels to protect our families while we're
gone and to surround us while we're away. Help us stay out of your way while you work through us both with medical
and spiritual aid.
I will try to update this page soon.
There's just so much to say, I
want to make sure I say it right.