The "slow side" of the Washing Stream
The Baptist Church in Ihiagwa
This gentleman was selling souvenirs
at the airport. He showed me a really
cool traditional African horn. I even
played it a bit. Unfortunately, since it
was made of ivory, it wasn't for sale.
A boy at the orphanage in Owerri. Last year our
church sponsored a well for the orphanage. They
now have fresh water they don't have to walk to get!
I took over 1200 pictures while in Africa. This
is one of many I don't even remember taking.
But, I'm glad I did.
The "fast side" of the washing stream.
We were told there are monkeys living in the trees along the stream, though  we didn't get a
chance to see them.
(extra credit if you can spot the naked guy!)
Me playing Flugelhorn at the Baptist High School
Honkin' my horn at the Revival
Dusty praying over one of the local Pastors
African Moon
The trumpet, one of my handmade flutes and the
travel guitar that stayed in Africa
This child was brought to the first clinic with a slight fever. James was
asked to help him. Not being a doctor, he knelt with the boy and prayed
over him.  This little boy wandered into the bush (forest) and was lost for
months when he was just a crawling infant. When he finally returned to his
village months later he was walking and in perfect health!
One of the revival nights with my little travel guitar!
Me with some of the local kids from the village
The first day at the clinic working in the pharmacy. No lights, no fan, no air
conditioning, no open window....
A food stand in a local village with dried fish, casava and yams.
Me and Dusty at the Seminary with one of the classes.
They insisted on taking separate pictures with each class.
Leaving our hotel.  And yes, that is razor wire on the gate. The same razor
wire that circled the compound atop 10 foot walls.
Another shot of the orphanage in Owerri.
Kids from the orphanage
I would have taken any one of
these kids home
The computer lab at the Baptist High School. They'd work a
lot better with a constant supply of electricity.
....and we complain about the condition of our schools.
At one of the clinics
Rendering Palm Nuts for their oil
"Auntie" Laura our resident dentist and the "fruits" of her labor.
What a beautiful lady!
Pastor White with the kids.
Dr. Kennedy Okere at work